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Tony & Michele Audio of the Month

Tony & Michele Featured “Audio of the Month” From Market America
June 15, 2011 – Web Portal Training With Michele & Tony – AUDIO

We all listen to audios to grow our Market America business. These audios are available for us to download from our back office (administration website) and they teach and train us on how to be successful with our business. Listening to big money earners is the shortcut to success. If you listen to what they say, it will help you in your business.

When the company newsletter email arrived telling us to check out the new audios available for download, were we surprised!! What an honor to be chosen as one of the “Audios of the Month”. Web Portal Marketing with Todd Laire and Tony & Michele Molinaro – 2011 2nd Quarter Audio of the Month


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Market America adds bar code scanning and a deal locator to its mobile app

The online marketplace says it may near $10 million in mobile sales this year.

Market America does it again helping consumers get the best deals when it comes to online shopping. Online marketplace Market America is seeking to ease the process of finding products and deals in the mobile realm by adding two new features, a bar code scanner and a deal locator, to its MA Mobile iPhone and Android apps. The tools are designed to help shoppers dig through the wide array of products offered by the marketplace’s 3,000 retailer partners and 150,000 individuals who operate Market America franchises in the marketplace, and the tens of thousands of special offers and coupons, Market America says.

A total breakthrough when it comes to online shopping. Now when consumers are out shopping at a local store and they are interested in a particular product, all they need to do is scan the item and search the Market America website for the best deal. The bar code scanner enables shoppers to scan the Universal Product Code, or UPC, found on all packaged goods.

A shopper hovers their smartphone camera over a bar code and the app reads it and automatically searches the entire Market America database of products. It returns results showing which shops offer the product and at what price so consumers can compare prices to find the best deal. If there is not an exact match, the app displays related products. Read entire story.

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