Instagram Tip! Who Really Sees Your Images On Facebook

Instagram Tip

HUGE Instagram Tip! It just came to my attention that if you are sharing images from your Instagram onto Facebook, people may not be seeing them. To find out, go to Facebook and click on any image that you have shared from Instagram. On the top right hand corner look to the right of the image just like in the image shown and below your name you will see that little globe. If you take your mouse and hover over that globe you will see who is seeing that image. I think by default it’s set as “Only Your Friends”. I recommend changing it to “Public” so everyone sees it. In this business or most every business, we want the world to see our posts, so by changing the setting to public it will now be shown to everyone.


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To make the changes, you will need to go to your settings section.

1. In the top right you will see a little pad lock, click on the lock and you will see Privacy Shortcuts
2. Then go to “See more settings”
3. On the left click on “Apps”
4. You will then see all your Facebook Apps
5. Scroll down and you will see all your apps
6. Find Instagram
7. Change from “Friends” to “Public” by clicking on the edit button on the right
8. I recommend checking all your apps including Pinterest as well and change them all to “Public”

Hope this was helpful. Please share with your team and SHARE a comment below.

Tony Molinaro

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The Best Things Come To Those Who Don’t Give Up

The best things in life always come to those who never give up. —

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

Good Things Come To Those Who Believe,
Better Things Come To Those Who Wait,
And The Best Things Come To Those Who Don’t Give Up.


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Leadership is doing the right things

Management is doing things right; Leadership is doing the right things.

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Welcome Michelle

Her professional background is based on consultative sales & digital marketing with seven years of experience closing sales and marketing Google products and business services and solutions. Small to medium B2B sales experience working with a team and independently as a Google certified Digital Marketing and Sales Professional providing: product and service presentations, software knowledge support, business development, creating and managing online/offline marketing campaigns, and demonstrating strong leadership abilities by training and guiding other associates with presentations and marketing campaigns.

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Purpose of a business


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You Make A Life By What You Give

“You make a living by what you earn; you make a life by what you give. ” – Anonymous

Make A Living

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