Non Profit Program

Market America’s Non Profit Organization Program

There is good in giving. We offer a FREE website for Non Profit Organizations and help people come together to make a difference. Fundraising substantially challenges non-profit organizations more and more every day. Federal, state, and local agencies are not committing as many resources to funding non-profits. Supporters are finding it harder and harder to contribute anything more than their time. There must be an answer.

Market America NPO Program
The Market America Non-Profit Organization Program is a free program that helps you and your non-profit create an additional funding source. Your non-profit receives a fully e-commerce enabled website with access to millions of products and thousands of brand name stores. Supporters do not have to change their buying habits. They sign-in at the organizations website and shop at their favorite stores like Best Buy, Walmart, Sears, The Home Depot and Staples. We have over 11,000 online store to shop from. The supporters save money, get access to exclusive deals, earn up to 50% CashBack on qualified purchases, and the non-profit organization receives weekly and monthly royalties based on the supporters’ purchases. Also, supporters can invite their friends to shop on the organizations website and earn 0.5% CashBack on the purchases made by anyone they’ve invited.

Getting Started is Easy!

1. Contact us enroll in the Non-Profit Organization program. (TOTALLY FREE)
2. Share the news! Promote the non-profit organization’s new website to all the supporters.
3. Encourage supporters to invite their friends, family and acquaintances to shop on the non-profit organization’s new website so they can earn 0.5% CashBack on referrals’ purchases.
4. As everyone shops online, qualified purchases through your website generate weekly and monthly royalties for your non-profit organization!

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