Are You Utilizing Social Media?

Are You Utilizing Social Media?

Social media is the #1 activity today. No more searching for products or services, with social media, they now will find you. You need to build your brand. List your personal and business interests and goals. Post pictures that show you happy. Limit the time wasted in social media. The key to success with social networking is to provide the user what they want and relevant information. Add people and join groups of like interests. Use the “advance search” to find friends.

***It’s all about the Internet***

If you’re not “Tech Savvy” then hire your kids or find some young people.

Facebook is more about friends and family
Linked In is more about business
Twitter tweets are indexed in “Real Time”

In the search box, you can type in any word with the # before the word and it will give you the results so you can follow.

Add co-workers and current connections. Add people and join groups and networks of your interests, (example health, cosmetics, etc.)

* Invite 10 friends a week
* Listen to them and listen to them before making the recommendations
* Listen to what they respond to
* Introduce to them what they need
* Accept invites and sent invites
* Share experience, events and success stories
* Ask for opinions or polls
* Ask for help or or information or assistance
* Comment on their posts
* People love to talk about themselves
* Share reviews or articles
* Look for a product that will resolve their problem
* Nest time they need to shop, offer to assist and get then the best deal

Turning conversion to sales or conversation to prospects

Ask yourself “how is your Facebook profile set up as. To SELL or to have FUN…


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