How Did I Start My Internet Business??

How Did I Start My Internet Business??
I can’t believe it’s been over twelve years since I started my Internet business. I really came across it by accident back in 1997 when I first opened my own restaurant. It all started when I created my very first website for my restaurant Antonio’s Italian Bistro in Connecticut. I really had no idea what I was doing, but a friend on mine Benny gave me some tips and so I started to design my site. It was pretty plain, but all in all it came out ok.

So my mind started thinking. “I wonder if I can make money with these websites?” and was born. It was my first website that I really created in the hopes to start making money online with it. I started as an affiliate for dozens of different online companies that would pay me for the traffic and sales I would send them through my website. Before you know, my little hobby turned into a successful business and started to make some serious money. By the following year, my business was producing over six figures and I continued to be very successful through the years to follow.

By now all of my friends would start asking me to show them how to make money on the Internet, so I would give up my time to share what I knew about the Internet and I would show them what they would need to get started, unfortunately not many of my friends stuck with it because it was very demanding of their time and efforts and it wasn’t as simple as it looked. Today it’s a lot different.

You can get a lot of info online and also be able to purchase information on how to start your own Internet business, but you must be careful, there are a lot of companies these days promising the world to people and not delivering. The economy continues to take a toll on people everywhere so naturally people turn to the Internet to try to find ways to produce a second income only to find that there are companies taking advantage of their misfortune my selling them websites or services that only a few knowledgeable people would actually be able to make a successful business with it.

My advice to you would be “Don’t Buy Anything!!” Do your homework first. Get as much information about what you are looking to get involved with before spending a lot of money. If you are attending a workshop or business overview, don’t get out the checkbook, instead research the company before you spend the money. With our Market America business, we’ll never ask you for any money and you will never have to bring a checkbook when you come to any of our business overviews. We encourage everyone to be well educated, do their homework and get all their questions answered first.

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