Join the Social Shopping Revolution

As we all know, social media has completely taken over communications worldwide. If you’re not connected to the social media world, you’re disconnected from not only endless possibilities for growth and expansion, but also basic, necessary forms of human association in the modern world.

Market America realized the importance and potential of connecting through social media early on. With the power and technology of SHOP.COM now fully at our disposal, Market America has leveraged the communication powerhouse of social technology with our innovative online shopping destination and people power to lead the parade in the social shopping revolution creating the perfect home based business. 
We are making shopping and saving easier than ever with our improved and enhanced paid to shop program. From increased Cashback deals that are constantly changing to lowering the threshold to receive cash back, the Cashback program has proven to be the best out there. 

We’ve known all along what a good thing we have, and now people are taking notice. From television and newspapers to digital publications and blogs, Market America is being recognized. People are talking about everything — from our lucrative business opportunity to the benefits of our products, to our innovative technologies.

To give you an idea of the direction E-commerce is headed, here are a few of the key details, which really illustrate the amazing growth of E-commerce:

* 80% of people online have made a purchase online
* Saving Time is the number one reason people shop online (but I wouldn’t be surprised if gas prices becomes a major reason in the future)
* E-commerce sales in America is growing at 10% a year
* By 2015, there will be over 200 million online consumers in the United States alone!
* Global E-commerce sales are growing by over 19% a year
* E-commerce sales will be around 1.4 Trillion in 2015 

Here is a little explanation of what we do:
We offer a preloaded website with over 2,500 exclusive products that are Drop shipped directly to our customers. Plus we have access to thousands of online partner stores as part of our affiliate marketing division. We have combined Drop shipping and Affiliate Marketing all in one ECommerce enabled website.

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