Tips in growing your Unfranchise Business

10 Tips in growing your Unfranchise Business
by Dennis Franks

1. Sell 5,000 BV in a 12 month period of Market America branded products. Identify 2-3 products you are personally using read and learn everything about those products. Take specific classes that talk about those products. Learn what you need to learn to make it happen!

2. Utilize the Home Shopping List. Switch all products in your home over to MA branded products when you need to refill

3. Make all your local store purchases through your web portal. This will maximize your IBV. You will also receive cashback, save you on gas and decrees your impulse buying habit. MA Credit card should be used to pay your bills and on ALL non web portal purchases {gas}. Always having the mentality of saving money and time this will help build your business.

4. Attend Events: World Conference with 2 qualified prospects or one business partner that has been in less than 6 months. Attend International with 4 qualified prospects and have your team brining a min of 2. Attend at least 4 local seminars in which you purchase 5 tickets to the next event. Attend 12 UBP a year with a minimum of 1 guest. Show the plan 4 times per week to personal prospects. Monday – Friday- talk to 3 people a day, make 1 appointment to show the plan or sell a product and add 2 names to your list per day. Facebook will help you build relationships. The growth of your Market America business is the amount of your people in the seats. Your job is to keep your team in the business until they are ready to build on there own. Learning and gaining belief.

5. Invite one friend to your portal everyday. 7 people per week. 1 appointment per week to do a portal preview

6. Visit your portal everyday: Update Home shopping list – share hot deals – visit your back office – and read announcements, news

7. Listen to One audio twice per week. The first time just listen the second time take notes.

8. Start with the end in mind. Book the follow up appointment at the beginning of your appointment.

9. Write/ rewrite/ update your goals. Find out what are you the BEST at ——. Stay driven, optimistic, competitive and committed.

10. Get healthy {transitions} – Be Fit {30 minutes of exercise} – Mentally sharp {rest and stress levels}

Learn something new everyday. Become a Market America distributor today!!

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