What Is A UBP And Why Should You Go!

Hello everyone, in the last few weeks many of our Market America partners have gone to a UBP (Unfranchise Business Presentation) and many of you have shared the incredible experience it was. If you have not gone to one read below to find out more.


In addition to introducing and explaining the incredible financial opportunity available through Market America (MA), a UBP will also introduce the multitude of product lines in the MA product brokerage system, and the incredible growth of the company itself.

By bringing your potential business partners to a UBP they can see the entire marketing and compensation plan, meet other Market America business owners that are already achieving success, and see for themselves that they’ll be part of a community committed to helping each other reach their goals. All of this allows them to make the decision to move forward with confidence and often much quicker. If you don’t have a guest to bring I encourage you to attend on your own, your attendance and participation is greatly valued and you are moving towards your own goals and success. Best regards and success in your business

Not sure how to look up a meeting in your area, simply go into your Unfranchise back office and scroll down and look for “NMTSS” on the left side of the navigation as shown in this photo below. It’s an easy way to search for meetings and training based on your state.



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