Goodbye, E-Commerce, Hello F-Commerce?

“SHOPBOX” Goodbye, E-Commerce, Hello F-Commerce?

Did you ever say I WISH I KNEW ABOUT THAT BACK THEN… This is one of those times to get in front of the Internet revolution. This is just one tool we have at our finger tips as a Market America distributor and it’s called SHOPBOX!

It Pays to Share
Launch your very own SHOPBOX! Whether you’re a customer or distributor, everybody can take advantage of SHOPBOX. As a distributor and business owner it’s great to know that we have some of the most incredible tools to use on Facebook and social media. Getting our customers involved, now that’s priceless. Our customers can add and share SHOPBOX right on Facebook and they can also add them to their blogs and share their favorite products and gift ideas with their friends and earn 1/2 percent CashBack on every purchase they make forever when their friends shop directly in the SHOPBOX! Just imagine being able to shop right through Facebook without ever having to leave Facebook!!!

F-commerce is serious business. Companies are spending a lot of money to capitalize on Facebook and we are in the forefront when it comes to technology on Facebook. Check out this video.

For over 14 years I have seen the changes in E-commerce and the way people shop online. It is an incredible feeling when you know you are leading the parade! Internet shopping is changing by the minute and we have all the tools needed to give our customers CashBack while we get paid by the retailers. Now this makes sense.

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