People always tell me “I Can’t Sell”

People always tell me “I Can’t Sell”

If you haven’t noticed, my business is about sharing products and services. We really do not have to sell our products, because our products sell themselves. I get people all the time telling me that they want to become a distributor, but they can’t sell or they’ve never sold anything. The truth is, they’ve been selling their whole lives, they just haven’t been getting paid for it.

When was the last time you referred something to a friend:

* A new car
* A good restaurant
* A good movie
* just to name a few

Did you ever get paid for any of those things you shared with your friends and family??

Haven’t you ever recommended a new car to your friend? Did the car dealer ever offer to give you a car or anything in return for the recommendation? What about that restaurant or movie that you loved so much, so you tell all your friends about them. Did that restaurant ever give you a complimentary dinner or an appetizer on the house, or did you ever get a free movie pass for the referral? You see, you’ve been selling products and services all your life!!

As you may know, I have partnered with Market America, an Internet brokerage company that provides me with my own web portal which allows me to get paid anytime someone shops on my website and makes a purchase. As an independent Market America distributor, I can now offer you a customized website of your own so you too can get paid anytime you or your friends makes a purchase. Imagine getting paid from shopping from such stores as Home Depot, Sears, Best Buy, Target, Staples, Gap, Dell, and 3,500 other partner stores.

You can earn a residual income just by sharing your website with your friends. Accumulate points from people you know and from people you don’t know, and these points can add up to BIG DOLLARS!

This 5 minute video give you a better understanding of how easy it is to create a business by having your very own website to share with your friends.

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