Revolutionizing the Way People Shop

Revolutionizing the Way People Shop and the Future of Business
 Market America Acquires The Business of
Again it is all about being BIGGER, BETTER, FASTER, EASIER which is actually making the business EASIER, FASTER, BETTER & BIGGER!
From the beginning, I set out to change the way people shop, and in the process, we’ve created a better marketing and distribution model that ultimately bridges the gap between cutting-edge technology, outstanding customer service, and One-to-One Marketing.
We’ve built a vast and solid network of independent entrepreneurs, which ensures we stay on the pulse of consumer demands and enables us to anticipate trends in the marketplace. But in order to culminate into what I have always known we would become, a bold move had to be made.
What makes this even more powerful is that we pay customers to shop, and pay them even more for inviting others to get paid to shop. Once we drive people to the site, it becomes addictive and is the biggest factor in our formula for success with customer retention. We are adding Paid to Shop and Cash Back to the site as well! Do you see the magic combination?

Looking ahead, this alliance will have a profound impact on the future of our business and the direction of our industry. In the entrepreneurial spirit of determination, let’s carry forward the dream of revolutionizing the way people shop. Market America is simply making things bigger, better, faster, and easier to change the way people shop and change the economic paradigm where anyone can become financially independent by creating our own economy. Remember the phrase, SOCIAL SHOPPING, because that is what we are giving birth to with our people power, One-to-One Marketing and social networking.
Benefits of integrating’s team, technology and platform with Market America’s team:
 * is recognized for the best comparison shopping technology which will now power Market America
 * currently generates nearly 5 times more unique visitors than Market America which we will convert and assign to ‘Shop Consultants’ (UFO Customer Managers)
 * Will have the ability to capture and retain millions of new customers from first time purchases and assign the new customers to ‘Shop Consultants’ (UFO Customer Managers)
 * Will attract a constant flow of new customers from their SEO and SEM efforts
 * Award-winning merchandising functionality and display, making shopping appealing and easy which increases conversions
 * Will have the ability to have ma® branded products on the site as a channel to attract new customers
 * Will have even faster search and better navigation for shopping — making it simple and intuitive
 * Will add millions of additional products to our EZ Cart
 * has over 40 million products/SKUs
 * Will save us 2 to 5 years of IT development
 * Provides the technology to allow for real time (or close to real time) IBV Commissions
 * Will speed up our site
 * Will generate more advertising revenue
 * Ability to market and sell our products in the United Kingdom, setting the stage for Market America to launch the UnFranchise Business within a year
 * Allow Market America to channel our products to other shopping sites (i.e., Google Base and Bing) to sell and retain new customers, which will be assigned to ‘Shop Consultants’
 * has one of the best data feed platforms, allowing any merchant or vendor to put their products on their platform fast and easy with quick updates
 * The data feed and tracking management platform allows us to do more for partners and merchants, which provides more incentives to be a direct partner in our EZ Cart, resulting in higher cash back, higher IBV and advertising revenue moving Market America closer to being a true Universal Shopping Cart
 * is recognized as pioneers and experts for Internet shopping technology
 * technology allows us to eliminate merchant aggregators and data feed channelers resulting in increased IBV Commissions, higher cash back and faster speed.

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