Market America – Create The Lifestyle You Want

Market America – Create The Lifestyle You Want

With the new year among us, let’s take some time between now and January 1 2012 to reflect and look forward to where you want to be. Take some time over the next week and think, reflect, and plan. Determine what you want to accomplish in 2012. Market America allows you to create the lifestyle you want. I understand we all get busy or things happen that throw us off track, that’s OK. Now is the time to rethink and regroup. Make a resolution to make it happen. You can accomplish anything you put your mind to.

With that said, you must understand the power of SHOP.COM. With online retail sales expected to once again grow by double digits in 2012 and more consumers are shifting a bigger portion of their shopping habits from retail stores and catalogs to online. People will continue to shop online and the Internet is the place to be.

For Market America and comparison shopping engine, spending on technology will increase between 15% and 20% in 2012, says chief technology officer Michael Brady. The online retailer’s biggest priority is migrating to a universal e-commerce platform that features more than 30 million products, faster site search, an enhanced shopping cart that lets consumers purchase merchandise from participating retailers directly on the marketplace, and more content such as buyer guides and other tools. Click here for entire story

Are you looking for change – a way to improve your life and build financial stability? World Conference is the perfect opportunity to get you and your team ready to make the most of 2012. We’re only a few weeks away from this spectacular event – but you only have a few days left to purchase your tickets online!


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