UnFranchise Owners Residual Income Machine

This company creates a true Residual Income Machine. Over $2.9 Billion earned by entrepreneurs with the UnFranchise Business. Just imagine a company that pays back almost 60% back to the field, back to independent distributors and business owners. This coming week we will be American Airlines Arena attending our World Conference with over 21,000 entrepreneurs from around the world. The cost to change your life is a TICKET!

Residual Income Machine

Everything is changing, the economy is changing, technology is changing, the way we work is changing, the WORLD is changing. It’s never too late to start over!

Market America and SHOP.COM. Through One to One Marketing, Market America combines the Internet with the power of people, creating the ultimate online destination. As a result, we have revolutionized a brand new industry, setting a standard by which all other businesses are measured — Built on Product. Powered by People.


“You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”- Zig Ziglar

MORE INFO —> http://ourplanb.net

2014 – World Conference in Miami MAWC2014

Really excited about attending our World Conference in Miami this year. This is where it all started four years ago when we attended our first convention. There is no better way to gain the belief, knowledge, and energy needed to be successful. Once we got there, we knew we had something special in the palms of our hands and this is where our lives changed forever. I’m so glad we made the sacrifice to make the trip!!


Want to change your life forever, meet me in Miami. The future is closer than you think. You have to take control of it. Contact me if you have any questions.

Using Social Media To Grow Your Business

What an incredible moment sharing our passion in front of 25,000 of our peers! Michele and I were asked to share our story about using social media to grow your business at our World Conference 2013 in Miami. We love what we do but more importantly we love that we have the ability to leverage our time and financial future by working anywhere in the world. The bottom line is that we must utilize social media and the Internet in every possible form. If you’re not making use of social media, you are losing sales. See you online!!


This is a photo of part of  part of OUR TEAM – Please enjoy our training website http://www.TonyAndMichele.com. Your business partners Tony & Michele.

Our Team At World Conference 2013


2013 World Conference Highlight

Here is just a glimpse of our World Conference in Miami. A packed arena with 25,000 entrepreneurs with one thing in mind!! SHOP.COM powered by Market America. See you at the 2013 International Convention in Greensboro NC!


Road Trip To World Conference in Miami

We are getting ready for a “Road Trip” to our World Conference in Miami. Can’t wait to meet all our friends and business partners from all over the world. Market America and SHOP.COM are in my opinion amazing, not only as a company but also their unique compensation plan, and when I really think about where they have brought us in the last three years simply blows my mind. What I would like everyone to do is think back to the last three years and what has changed in your life?

Please enjoy this video we put together of last year’s highlights from World Conference. So many inspiring speakers and Unfranchise Owners came together to share their magical moments with each other. One Team One Dream! Our trip to World Conference 2012.



2013 World Conference In Miami!

2013 World Conference:
January 31 – February 2
Receptions: January 30
Miami, FL.

2013 World Conference – Miami!
Your future is closer than you think. Take control of it. The time to secure your financial future is now. This will be a SOLD OUT event. If you want to earn professional income you need to have professional training. This event will give you SIX MONTHS of training in three days.

Our 2013 World Conference in Miami is the place to be. There is no way to gain the belief, knowledge, and energy better than the 2013 World Conference. Challenge your thinking, establish you goal, take the right steps and be a part of the Billion Dollar Roll that Market America and SHOP.COM is providing for us!

If you don’t have enough tickets for the growth you plan to generate, then you’re playing catch-up for the next six months. We cannot stress it enough. If you are serious about growing your Market America business we recommend you purchase at least two tickets. Please don’t look at this as an expense, but rather an investment in you and your business..

Now’s the time to make your business BIGGER, BETTER, FASTER, and EASIER.



Get Ready For World Conference 2012

Get ready for World Conference 2012….only a week away!!!
Don’t be left behind!
Invest in yourself & in your business, and see first hand where our business is TODAY, and where we are heading !!!! EXCITING !!! If you plan on starting a new business…..do what you can to get there!

If you are interested in more info on SHOP.COM/Market America
please call us at 727-943-8470 or contact us here.


Market America – Create The Lifestyle You Want

Market America – Create The Lifestyle You Want

With the new year among us, let’s take some time between now and January 1 2012 to reflect and look forward to where you want to be. Take some time over the next week and think, reflect, and plan. Determine what you want to accomplish in 2012. Market America allows you to create the lifestyle you want. I understand we all get busy or things happen that throw us off track, that’s OK. Now is the time to rethink and regroup. Make a resolution to make it happen. You can accomplish anything you put your mind to.

With that said, you must understand the power of SHOP.COM. With online retail sales expected to once again grow by double digits in 2012 and more consumers are shifting a bigger portion of their shopping habits from retail stores and catalogs to online. People will continue to shop online and the Internet is the place to be.

For Market America and comparison shopping engine Shop.com, spending on technology will increase between 15% and 20% in 2012, says chief technology officer Michael Brady. The online retailer’s biggest priority is migrating to a universal e-commerce platform that features more than 30 million products, faster site search, an enhanced shopping cart that lets consumers purchase merchandise from participating retailers directly on the Shop.com marketplace, and more content such as buyer guides and other tools. Click here for entire story

Are you looking for change – a way to improve your life and build financial stability? World Conference is the perfect opportunity to get you and your team ready to make the most of 2012. We’re only a few weeks away from this spectacular event – but you only have a few days left to purchase your tickets online!


Market America World Conference 2011

Market America World Conference
February 3-5, 2011

A Life-Changing Event Is on the Horizon

With ma World Conference just a few days away, one point cannot be emphasized enough — you need to be ready to experience this incredible life-changing event. There will be so much information conveyed over the three days that no one who is serious about creating an ongoing income through Market America can afford to miss it.

The biggest news will be Market America’s recent acquisition of Shop.com, where executives from both sides will be speaking about the most updated plan of action, explaining the remarkable technology and what it can do, defining the role of Shop Consultants, and revealing how truly profitable this deal will be for all UnFranchise Owners. Market America’s acquisition of top comparison-shopping site, Shop.com, has exploded across a variety of outlets — from print media to TV networks to top social networking sites like Twitter. There is a huge buzz about this deal as the acquisition will transform the world of online shopping and change the way people shop. By combining its personalized and social shopping model with the comparison-shopping model of Shop.com, Market America expects to build a $1 billion-plus e-commerce business.

Other presentations will cover the newest, most amazing Market America-branded products, what region the UnFranchise will be available in next, how to harness the power of social media, and so much more.

For those interested in a specific area of Market America’s broad spectrum of opportunities, the Breakout trainings offer a much more in-depth look at each university major such as social media, the healthcare industry, or music. Take advantage of these high-impact trainings.

As if the opportunity to achieve lifelong success isn’t appealing enough, some of the biggest guest appearances in Miami will happen at ma World Conference. Famous actress Eva Longoria will be in attendance, along with Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen, 17 Grammy-Award winning artist Alejandro Sanz, and current world top-ranked women’s tennis player Serena Williams. There will also be musical performances throughout the event including American Idol finalist Phil Stacey and more!

Plus, those in attendance can take advantage of exclusive deals and promotions throughout the weekend that are only available at the event — deals like the limited edition Haute Living that focuses on JR and Loren’s billion-dollar roll, or pick up a signed copy of author Glen Morisano’s book “Good Cop, Bad Money.”

For those that will attend this event, it will definitely change your lives for the better, I know because it changed mine. One year ago my wife Michele and I attended the World Conference in 2010 for the first time and at that time we were Market America distributors for only 2 months. What we witnessed and learned those 3 days totally changed our lives and gave us a new outlook on life. I like to tell people, when we left World Conference 2010 we were like a bullet out of a gun and we have never stopped or looked back. JR likes to say, “You don’t know what you don’t know”. If you think you know everything and you don’t attend the World Conference 2011, then you don’t know anything!!!

Does this sound like something you would like to learn more about? You can gain all of the insight about the new social shopping movement and learn how to capitalize on it for yourself by attending Market America’s annual World Conference. Get a glimpse of the excitement:

2011 ma World Conference
When: February 3-5, 2011
Where: American Airlines Arena | Miami, Fla.

Contact me for more info