Welcome Michelle from Laredo, Texas

I want to send out a BIG congratulations to our newest business partner Michelle from Laredo, Texas. She is very excited about joining our team and growing her business with Market America and Shop.com.

Michelle is a mother of two children, empowered by learning and living spirituality. Passionate about Kabbalah, life, people, health and wellness, beauty, and technology just to mention a few. Ambitious to create prosperity and a legacy for my children, family, and the world.

Welcome Michelle

Her professional background is based on consultative sales & digital marketing with seven years of experience closing sales and marketing Google products and business services and solutions. Small to medium B2B sales experience working with a team and independently as a Google certified Digital Marketing and Sales Professional providing: product and service presentations, software knowledge support, business development, creating and managing online/offline marketing campaigns, and demonstrating strong leadership abilities by training and guiding other associates with presentations and marketing campaigns.

Imagine working an online business from home? No rent, no employees, no alarm clock. We are changing lives one at a time!! We are we are currently interviewing for business minded individuals. Request full details via email. Please contact us HERE.

Our company’s mission is to provide a system for entrepreneurs to create an ongoing income, while providing consumers worldwide with a better way to shop. Through revolutionary technology and the power of people, we are creating the economy of the future. Founded in 1992, our parent company is a Product Brokerage and Internet Marketing Company that specializes in One-to-One Marketing.

If you ever considered a home business or just looking to start an online business, now is the best time to get started. We offer you a unique business model which focuses on individuals and provides you with a proven business model and the tools needed to create wealth. With the Internet continuously growing every year, people are using the Internet more and more to buy everything online and we can show you how easy it is to get a piece of that.

**Like a Franchise**
Systemization, standardization, uniformity
State-of-the-art management systems
Merchandising and marketing tools
Growing visibility
Own multiple business locations
Standardized training systems

**Unlike a Franchise**
No franchise fees
No monthly royalties
No territorial restrictions
Start part time with flexible hours
Minimal startup expenses plus potential tax advantages
Little to no risk

Thinking About Owning An Internet Franchise?

Are you thinking about owning an Internet franchise? We are expanding into the area. We are a product brokerage and Internet marketing business, and what we do is we train people how to own an Internet based franchise that they can manage from home, and develop a significant secondary income along side what their currently doing. We are working on a major expansion into the Tampa area, and looking for a few individuals to help manage and organize it. No special knowledge or special skills involved. If you would like more information please call 727-943-8470 for an interview.

Internet Franchise

If you are interested in more info on please call us at 727-943-8470 or contact us here.


SHOP.COM Business Overview Cary, NC

SHOP.COM Business Overview
If you are in the Cary, NC area and want to see how you become a successful Internet Marketer stop by Saturday or Sunday July 28-29. Michele will show how you can receive a pre loaded website along with all the marketing tools on day one. This is a free event knowledge is the key to success. 201 W Chatham St suite 101 Cary NC.

*** CLICK Image Above For Larger View ***

Join us for a business overview Saturday or Sunday July 28-29 in Cary, NC.
* 2,500 Exclusive products
* 35 Million products
* Over 3,500 online stores!!
* 50% cash back and a .5% on referrals to shop

If you are even considering a business or looking to capitalize on the Internet, you have to have an Internet presence. Learn what makes us different from every other company.


If you are interested in more info on SHOP.COM/Market America
please call us at 727-943-8470 or contact us here.


Creating The Leverage Needed To Compete In The Online Business

Do you have what it takes to compete in the Internet arena? After partnering with SHOP.com, we have created the leverage needed to withstand the online market shifts. The entire online shopping experience has changed in the past three years—and that means decisions about upgrading e-commerce platforms are much different now from what they were then.

If you have an online business or are looking to start an Internet business, there’s going to be a lot of decisions that will need to be addressed that will affect your e-commerce success for years to come. When we started on the Internet 14 years ago, there were no HOW TO books, no videos, no webinars on how to build an Internet business. So you can understand why we were so excited about being part of Market America and SHOP.COM. I feel secure about my future do you? Marc Ashley Chief Operating Officer of Market America spoke at the Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition in Chicago! Read entire article

Mobile technology is here and it’s the next trend. You need to have it as part of your Internet strategy in order to have a competitive edge. Through the partnership with Market America and SHOP.COM, not only will you be part of the fastest growing Internet franchise business today, but you will get your very own State-of-the Art ecommerce website that will be up and running in just a few hours and will allow you to offer some of the best products and services available today.


If you are interested in more info on SHOP.COM/Market America
please call us at 727-943-8470 or contact us here.


The Power of Social Networks – Prospects find YOU

The Power of Social Networks – Prospects find YOU

Michele Molinaro: My letter to JR and Loren talking about our new Market America business partners MaryLou and English Dave.

Recently we had the opportunity to be contacted by someone wanting more information on Market America/Shop.com the business. After a phone conversation we realized we lived nearby one another. Our next step was a one on one meeting. While awaiting the arrival of our guest we realized we forgot what she looked like! No worries she knew exactly who we were. She walked up to us as if she had known us forever. She had done her due diligence and researched us. She knew what she was looking for in a business partner and she felt she had found that in us prior to even meeting with us. As we got to know one another we found out:

• She had been a fan on our Facebook fan page for months
• She was a distributor 7 years ago (pre internet)
• Continued to stay a loyal customer of the product
• She is a health professional
• Her husband is a native of Liverpool, UK
• They will be in the UK for the whole month of May

The point is just by spending a few minutes’ everyday utilizing social media and the tools MA/Shop.com provides us we have branded ourselves and prospect find US. There has been times we don’t know what to say so we just simply repost or retweet yours or Loren’s posts. Thank you both for leading by example.

** JR’s response to the whole company: **
This is what everyone should be doing every day. It really works! This is called Prospecting and recruiting in 2012. Are you with it? Do you want to grow? How about a check from the UK too? PROSPECTS FIND YOU!


2011 Leadership School and Special Internet Training

2011 Leadership School and Special Internet Training in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

I’m very excited to attend this years Internet training event with Market America and the new SHOP.COM. This limited seating opportunity is designed for Market America Unfranchise Owners who have committed to making Market America their business of choice. Our CEO will be leading the training with a team of the very best leaders and Internet experts to make 2012 the year for success.

If you’re thinking about owing an Internet franchise, the Shop.com and Market America combination is the way. Market America is a product brokerage and Internet marketing company that specializes in social shopping and one-to-one marketing. This my friends is the winning combination you’ve been waiting for.

If you are interested in more info on SHOP.COM/Market America
please call us at 727-943-8470 or contact us below.


National Conference Call Sunday Night

National Conference Call Sunday Night

Join Andrew Weissman, Executive Director of Field Development along with special guests Paul Carlotta, Executive Director, and Tony and Michele Molinaro, Professional Coordinators, they present the Market America UnFranchise® business.

Team Market America,

I will be the host of this week’s National Conference Call this Sunday night. We will discuss how to capitalize on this year’s holiday shopping season with SHOP.COM and Market America. I will be joined by special guests, Professional Coordinators Tony and Michele Molinaro who are the Shop Consultants of the year and have generated the most cash back on their web portal! I will also be joined by Executive Director, Paul Carlotta who has built a very successful UnFranchise business leveraging the newest technologies and techniques.

Inform everyone in your organization and especially your qualified prospects to listen to this special live overview of the billion dollar product lines in the Mall without Walls™.

Find out how you can earn Cashback with the thousands of partner stores and millions of products available online this holiday season. Learn about the business opportunity and how easy it is to evaluate Market America and while earning weekly checks from BV and IBV. Don’t miss this powerful National Conference call.

Sunday night — Nov. 20, 2011 at 8:30 p.m. ET
646-519-5815 pin 1314 #

Andrew Weissman


Our Secret Weapon To Use On Facebook

Our Secret Weapon To Use On Facebook

Ever consider owning your online shopping mall and getting paid every time people shop? Our company has invested over 50 million on our web portals to date and when we switch to Shop.com on Sept. 26, 2011, we are going to change the way people shop forever!

Let me share with you our secret weapon to use on Facebook, and it’s called “SHOPBOX”. This brings e-commerce to a whole knew level and it’s called F-Commerce.

Did you ever say I WISH I KNEW ABOUT THAT BACK THEN…This is one of those times to get in front of the Internet revolution. This is just one tool we have at our finger tips as a Market America distributor and it’s called SHOPBOX!

It Pays to Share
Launch your very own SHOPBOX! Whether you’re a customer or distributor, everybody can take advantage of SHOPBOX. As a distributor and business owner it’s great to know that we have some of the most incredible tools to use on Facebook and social media. Getting our customers involved, now that’s priceless. Our customers can add and share SHOPBOX right on Facebook and they can also add them to their blogs and share their favorite products and gift ideas with their friends and earn 1/2 percent CashBack on every purchase they make forever when their friends shop directly in the SHOPBOX! Just imagine being able to shop right through Facebook without ever having to leave Facebook!!!

F-commerce is serious business. Companies are spending a lot of money to capitalize on Facebook and we are in the forefront when it comes to technology on Facebook. Check out this video.

We all know that social media is the #1 activity today, but it’s important to understand and make sure that we are using it correctly. No more searching for products or services, with social media, they now will find you. You need to build your brand. List your personal and business interests and goals. Post pictures that show you happy. Limit the time wasted in social media. The key to success with social networking is to provide the user what they want and relevant information. Add people and join groups of like interests.

Our company Market America and Shop.com uses the power of Internet marketing and social networking, to teach you how to build a successful business, working part time following a proven business plan. But are your utilizing all the tools? With ShopBox and F-Commerce we are changing the way people use Facebook and online shopping. Are you taking advantage of this?

For over 14 years I have seen the changes in E-commerce and the way people shop online. It is an incredible feeling when you know you are leading the parade! Internet shopping is changing by the minute and we have all the tools needed to give our customers CashBack while we get paid by the retailers. Now this makes sense.

Would you like more information? It’s simply, just click here to contact us



Tony & Michele Audio of the Month

Tony & Michele Featured “Audio of the Month” From Market America
June 15, 2011 – Web Portal Training With Michele & Tony – AUDIO

We all listen to audios to grow our Market America business. These audios are available for us to download from our back office (administration website) and they teach and train us on how to be successful with our business. Listening to big money earners is the shortcut to success. If you listen to what they say, it will help you in your business.

When the company newsletter email arrived telling us to check out the new audios available for download, were we surprised!! What an honor to be chosen as one of the “Audios of the Month”. Web Portal Marketing with Todd Laire and Tony & Michele Molinaro – 2011 2nd Quarter Audio of the Month


Click Here To Listen To Audio


Why Partner with Market America

Again, another reason “Why partner with Market America.”
We all know the difficulty of generating traffic and sales through our website. This task is hard to accomplish if your a pro and almost impossible if your a beginner. Now imagine one morning you wake up and get this email;
“Congratulations! You have been given a new Preferred Customer from marketamerica.com. Please keep the information below for your records. Although the retail profit and commissions, for this first time order has been retained by Market America to offset customer acquisition costs, you will receive ALL retail profit and commissions on future orders by this customer. It is imperative that you follow up with this new customer to ensure satisfaction, build a relationship, and create a customer lifetime value. The best way to do this is to first send a thank you email for their purchase and introduce yourself as their customer manager. You should share what a customer manager does to support their Preferred Customers as well as provide valuable information to further their awareness on the products they have just purchased. Your efforts can create a lifetime customer as well as a potential business partner.”

Let me tell you, NOBODY does this. There aren’t many companies out there doing the work for you and sending you traffic and orders. Our company Market America does. We have been fortunate to have partnered with Market America 17 months ago and we are very happy we did. If you would like more information on this great company, feel free to contact me directly.

This 2 minute video says it all.

If you are interested in getting more information, please contact me here.