The Power of Social Networks – Prospects find YOU

The Power of Social Networks – Prospects find YOU

Michele Molinaro: My letter to JR and Loren talking about our new Market America business partners MaryLou and English Dave.

Recently we had the opportunity to be contacted by someone wanting more information on Market America/ the business. After a phone conversation we realized we lived nearby one another. Our next step was a one on one meeting. While awaiting the arrival of our guest we realized we forgot what she looked like! No worries she knew exactly who we were. She walked up to us as if she had known us forever. She had done her due diligence and researched us. She knew what she was looking for in a business partner and she felt she had found that in us prior to even meeting with us. As we got to know one another we found out:

• She had been a fan on our Facebook fan page for months
• She was a distributor 7 years ago (pre internet)
• Continued to stay a loyal customer of the product
• She is a health professional
• Her husband is a native of Liverpool, UK
• They will be in the UK for the whole month of May

The point is just by spending a few minutes’ everyday utilizing social media and the tools MA/ provides us we have branded ourselves and prospect find US. There has been times we don’t know what to say so we just simply repost or retweet yours or Loren’s posts. Thank you both for leading by example.

** JR’s response to the whole company: **
This is what everyone should be doing every day. It really works! This is called Prospecting and recruiting in 2012. Are you with it? Do you want to grow? How about a check from the UK too? PROSPECTS FIND YOU!


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