The Ability To Help Others Achieve Financial Success

What I love most about this business is ability to help others achieve financial success. I was just going over the reports and noticed that Fenny was achieving another $600 commission check this week. Pretty nice when you can have your Internet business making you money while you’re vacationing in Florida. Congratulations Fenny, keep growing!! —

Congratulations Fenny

“You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want”. ~ Zig Ziglar

This is exactly what Market America is all about, people helping people be successful. You’re not in this alone.

I remember a long time ago back in 1998, all our friends that knew us always wanted to have a piece of the Internet, that saw that we were successful online and they too wanted to make money online. Unfortunately it wasn’t possible back then. There was not YouTube videos, no tutorials on how to start an online business, so we were not able to help our friends, until now. If your looking to start an online business, now is the best time to get started. We partnered with SHOP.COM which is powered by Market America that offers you a complete turnkey Internet business so anyone can own an online business and be successful. If you can send an email or add an attachment, you have all the experience you need to get started. We offer a turnkey business that combines drop shipping and affiliate marketing all in one eCommerce enabled preloaded website. “We now have the solution that all our friends asked about”.

I think the problem with a lot of companies out there is that they don’t provide support. They take your money, they send you links to articles and tutorials and expect you to figure it all out. What makes us different is that Market America is a 22 year old company with an A+ Rating in the Better Business Bureau. They provide a complete business systems that insures you have the best chance of being successful. Everything you need from an MP3 players that loaded with hundreds of hours of training, easy to follow tutorials, videos, online trainings, get connected through our many Facebook groups and most importantly live trainings and events. After seeing The Market America Business Plan, we realized this is not only the answer for us, but could also be the answer for so many others who have asked us, “How can we do what you do—make money online?” Now we can show others how to make money online. Market America has not only enhanced our business and helped secure our financial future, but it has reinvigorated our love for life. Get started today with your own Internet franchise.

Market America / Business Presentation in Cary, NC

NEW Year, NEW Day, NEW Location!

Team Triangle proudly presents our first Unfranchise Business Presentation of 2014. Michele and I are very excited to be presenting our very first “Market America / Business Presentation” in Cary, NC. If you live in the area, or have business partners or anyone wanting to learn more about our business, please add them to our Facebook group at


If you ever considered a home based business or looking to start an Internet business, I invite you join us as our guest. Market America offers you a unique business model which focuses on individuals and provides you with a proven business model and the tools needed to create wealth. With the Internet continuously growing every year, people are using the Internet more and more to buy everything online and we can show you how easy it is to get a piece of that.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014
Registration starts at 7:00pm
$5 per person, business casual dress (no jeans)

Hotel Address
La Quinta Inn & Suites
191 Crescent Commons Dr
Cary, North Carolina 27518

FREE Tickets To Dennis Franks Local Seminar

FREE Tickets To Dennis Franks Local Seminar

If you’re looking for a home business or an Internet business that you can run from home and live in the Tampa, Florida area, this is your lucky day. Our Executive Vice President Dennis Franks will be attending our Local Seminar this weekend and I am giving away FREE tickets ($30 value) to the first FIVE people that contact me.

The Local Seminar Event will be help on Saturday Feb. 25, 2012 from 9:30am – 5:00pm in Tampa. In order to qualify for the free tickets you must attend our business overview Friday Feb. 24 2012  from 7:30pm – 9:00pm in Tampa the night before. The business overview will be No CHARGE to you

Dennis Franks Executive Vice President
Having helped develop the Mall Without Walls and the Preferred Customer program, He also supports Market America’s health professional program nutraMetrix, and the ultimate weight management program, Transitions Lifestyle System. Additionally, he is charged with evolving Market America University in the field to increase product diversity within distributor organizations. Dennis was the offensive center on the University of Michigan’s “Team of the Decade” for most wins and later played in the NFL for six seasons, helping to build the Philadelphia Eagle’s 1981 Super Bowl team.

** For Tickets Contact Tony at 727-943-8470 and tell him you want the FREE tickets. **

If you are interested in more info on SHOP.COM/Market America
please call us at 727-943-8470 or contact us here.


Own An Internet Business Opportunity

Are You Looking To Own An Internet Business?

In order to be successful today, you need to identify a trend and position yourself to lead the parade instead of getting in on the tail end of it. The next trend is going to be One To One Marketing and Social Shopping and we will be creating the economy of the future.

I think the Internet has become a playground for ‘guru’s’selling secrets, people selling tools and systems and then of course you have your dime a dozen self-appointed coaches. Who agrees with me!! It seems everyone today is looking for a home based business. With the economy the way it is, more and more people are looking for alternative ways to work from home. But how does one find the right company to partner with? Well, we all know the Internet is a great place when it comes to searching for something, but I always like to tell people to really do their homework and really check out the company before you jump right in.

I feel the #1 reason when researching a home based business is to be sure that it’s a company that has been around and not a brand new company. Founded in 1992, Market America/SHOP.COM is a Product Brokerage and Internet Marketing company that specializes in One-to-One Marketing.

* Financially Strong
* Experienced Leadership
* Proven Record of Success

Another thing that you may want to consider when researching a home based business is “the products or services” they offer. I don’t recommend a company that only offers one product or service. Think about, if you had a customer and you sold them your product, chances are they will never come back to you to re-buy which results in a one time sale. Market America offers a preloaded website over 2,500 exclusive products that are not found in stores and can only be purchased from independent Market America distributors. Many of our products are consumable products which means when they run out of them they come back to you for more and more which returns repeat customers. We have customers that started purchasing products 19 months ago and have returned dozens of times to repurchase. Market America is what I like to say an “all inclusive company” that combines the advantages of direct sales, franchising, home shopping, network marketing, discount buying, Internet sales/e-commerce, and One-to-One Marketing. They offer a State-of-the-art management system along with probably the BEST training system you will ever find ANYWHERE.

The best part about is that you can start part time (maybe 8-15 hrs/wk) and weave it with whatever you are currently doing. One other great thing about Market America is that it only requires a minimal start-up expense and their is little to no risk involved. How would you like to own an Internet franchise?

As a business owner you get the Privilege of working half a day!!

The first entrepreneur I ever knew was my wife’s dad and he taught me:
1. Always lead by example never ask something you have not or were not willing to do
2. As a business owner you get the Privilege of working half a day. Pick what ever 12 hours you would like to work. Although if you work consistently this will change your life.

After 14 years as Internet Marketers it is so great to see so many of my friends wanting to start there own websites. Make sure you look for a company that provides you with a preloaded ecommerce enabled website that combines drop shipping and affiliate marketing ready the day you register your domain. If you need help feel free to call.

The future of and Market America. The Internet will never be the same again. By combining the technologies of both companies, we are creating the world’s premiere online shopping platform. As E-commerce continues to flourish, so will and Market America.

In order to be successful today, you need to identify a trend and position yourself to lead the parade instead of getting in on the tail end of it. The real questions here is “where will you be?”.


If you are interested in more info on SHOP.COM/Market America
please call us at 727-943-8470 or contact us here.


SHOP.COM (Shop Consultant Overview)

SHOP.COM (Shop Consultant Overview)

Hope all is well. A little background about my wife and I, we have been Full time Internet Marketers for the past 14 years. We have done well but there was always one question we could not answer from people who know us “How can I do what you do, make money online?” We now have a clear answer for them. SHOP.COM. You may or may not want to own an Internet business but even if you would like to learn how to save more money while shopping online this overview will do just that.

Last week Market America introduced the new SHOP.COM website. The new and improved provides an online shopping experience that is second to none.’s intuitive search allows customers to comparison shop for millions of products, from over 2,000 stores, making it easier than ever to find the best deals out there. What makes it even better is the fact that you earn Cashback on eligible purchases you make – it’s amazing! From the hottest deals, to our award winning search technology, delivers an unrivaled shopping experience. Have a look at this great video, where Market America’s Chief Operating Officer, Marc Ashley, discusses the incredible features of the new and improved We just know you’re going to love it!

If you are interested in becoming a Market America distributor, please contact us here.


It’s All About People Helping People

It’s All About People Helping People

When I first started my Internet business venture back in 2000, it started as a hobby part time while I was owning and operating an Italian restaurant in Connecticut. I never thought in my wildest dreams that it would change how I look at “work” forever. Through the years many of my friends wanted to know what I was doing and how they could get a piece of the Internet. Unfortunately what I had learned about the Internet could not be duplicated and that it wasn’t easy to show someone else how to do it. It required knowledge and training on how to built and design websites and know how to drive traffic to them. Until Now!!

After seeing the Market America business plan, I realized this is not only the answer for me, but could also be the answer for so many others who have asked me, “How can we do what you do—make money online?” Now I can show others how to make money online. This business has not only enhanced my business and helped secure my financial future, but it has reinvigorated my love for life.

What this touching video below. It really brings out this great company.

We partnered with Market America to create a residual income, but more importantly we are now also able help others have an Internet presence without having any experience or knowledge. We can now offer what I like to call “A Business In A Box” where you get your own state-of-the-art ecommerce ready website and where you can be up and running in about a half an hour. This powerful system offers unparalleled benefits and support with no territorial restrictions — only the opportunity for Distributors to build their business as fast or as slow as they desire.

The great thing about this business is that you are not alone. We train entrepreneurs on how to network their business to a six figure income, part-time leveraging relationships and social media. You will learn how the future of Market America will change the way people shop and lead the social shopping revolution. There are a lot of companies out there where you sign up with them and then you’re all alone to figure everything out and try to make your business successful. Not Market America, this company has blown away all my expectations. I have never seen a company where so many people offer to help you even though they are not financially connected.

The best part about this business is “HOW WE GET PAID”. When you partner with us, and become a Market America distributor, you will understand how we work synergistically and we work toghether as one team. I’ve never seen anything like this and we are the only company that offers this payment system. “People Helping People”.

In order to be successful today, you need to identify a trend and position yourself to lead the parade instead of getting in on the tail end of it. The next trend is going to be One To One Marketing creating the economy of the future.

Would you like to be a Market America distributor? It’s simply, just email us or call us at 727-943-8470