The True Meaning Of Being An Entrepreneur

This is the true meaning of being an entrepreneur! The purpose of every business should be to create customers who create customers. There are ENOUGH customers for all of us to be successful! Partnering with the right company makes all the difference in the world. What I love most about Market America is that they provide us with the vehicle to become successful.

My main goal is to empower and teach others how to be successful with their Internet business and help them achieve financial success. The FASTEST way to build a PROFITABLE business, working PART TIME. We have been teaching people how to MAKE MONEY from home using a SIMPLE business system that virtually anyone can do. What’s holding you back? Everybody needs a “Plan B”.

Purpose of a business


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The Ability To Help Others Achieve Financial Success

What I love most about this business is ability to help others achieve financial success. I was just going over the reports and noticed that Fenny was achieving another $600 commission check this week. Pretty nice when you can have your Internet business making you money while you’re vacationing in Florida. Congratulations Fenny, keep growing!! —

Congratulations Fenny

“You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want”. ~ Zig Ziglar

This is exactly what Market America is all about, people helping people be successful. You’re not in this alone.

I remember a long time ago back in 1998, all our friends that knew us always wanted to have a piece of the Internet, that saw that we were successful online and they too wanted to make money online. Unfortunately it wasn’t possible back then. There was not YouTube videos, no tutorials on how to start an online business, so we were not able to help our friends, until now. If your looking to start an online business, now is the best time to get started. We partnered with SHOP.COM which is powered by Market America that offers you a complete turnkey Internet business so anyone can own an online business and be successful. If you can send an email or add an attachment, you have all the experience you need to get started. We offer a turnkey business that combines drop shipping and affiliate marketing all in one eCommerce enabled preloaded website. “We now have the solution that all our friends asked about”.

I think the problem with a lot of companies out there is that they don’t provide support. They take your money, they send you links to articles and tutorials and expect you to figure it all out. What makes us different is that Market America is a 22 year old company with an A+ Rating in the Better Business Bureau. They provide a complete business systems that insures you have the best chance of being successful. Everything you need from an MP3 players that loaded with hundreds of hours of training, easy to follow tutorials, videos, online trainings, get connected through our many Facebook groups and most importantly live trainings and events. After seeing The Market America Business Plan, we realized this is not only the answer for us, but could also be the answer for so many others who have asked us, “How can we do what you do—make money online?” Now we can show others how to make money online. Market America has not only enhanced our business and helped secure our financial future, but it has reinvigorated our love for life. Get started today with your own Internet franchise.

Just Imagine, Others Helping You!

When we owned our restaurant in Connecticut, other restaurant owners NEVER came over or called to help us with our restaurant business, we had to learn everything ourselves.

Now with our Market America business, our business partner in California gets all the help she wants with open arms from other Market America partners and we’re not even financially connected. Just imagine, others helping you!! That is what makes this business unique and I LOVE IT…

With Market America, it doesn’t matter where you live or where you decide to do business because the Market America system follows you wherever you go. We all know people all over the country so it’s nice to know that there is a system that will help and train you partners even if you can’t be there. You owe it to yourself to get more information. I’ve never seen anything like this!!


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Should You Have A Recruiting Site?

Should You Have A Recruiting Site or Lead Generating Website?

I get people that ask me all the time, should I spend $16.95 per month for a recruiting site? My answer is pretty simple, if you’re going to treat your Market America business like a business then the answer would be yes. When we first started with Market America in October 2009 there were not recruiting sites, so I built our own. Since then Market America has come out with a ready to go recruiting website also known as a Lead Generating Website which is a great way to let people know what you do, what you offer and more information about your business. I feel a recruiting site is a crucial piece of our business because we need a place to send people when they want more information.

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It does come ready to go, but you still need to edit it and make it your own and tell visitors about yourself. You can also add Videos which allow site visitors to learn more about your business and the services you provide without reading lengthy blocks of text. It’s fun, fast and effective! Feel free to utilize all the tutorials to learn how to manage your website. If you have any questions or comments, you can always contact our technical support department during our business hours 7:00AM – 7:00PM PST Monday through Friday.


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July 2011 Powerline Digital Magazine

Our July 2011 Issue Of Powerline Digital Magazine is now available online. Go ahead and explore what our Market America business is all about!!!  Click to view online

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What Is The Best Business To Be In Today

What Is The Best Home Based Business To Be In Today
Are you looking for a home based business? I help people develop their own internet business so they can earn significant income part-time just like I do. I will teach you how to earn a profit from products that move through the internet while creating an ongoing income. With the vast majority of Americans looking for an Internet presence, it’s obvious that everyone is turning to the Internet and online shopping will continue to grow. But having your own website doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars to get started. I get calls from people that are spending $2,500 or $6,000 and some over $10,000 for a website, and when I tell them I can get them a complete ecommerce ready website for $129, their jaws drop.

I am always talking about why everyone should have a home based business and forget about corporate America. I have been fortunate enough to have found an unbelievable company to work with and their payment structure is second to none. The best part about our Market America business is that anyone can be successful and the company teaches us how to create an online business while working from home.
 One-to-One Marketing
• People power with global exposure
 • Personal relationships with customers
 • Identifies hottest markets and trends
 • High-tech, high-touch
 • Match people to products and products to people
 The BIG difference between our business and ALL the other business out there is that you are not alone. You will never spend a lot of money and then be left to figure it out by yourself. Our training and seminar system gives us access to training websites, we get access to webinars, marketing tools and coaching and mentoring by experienced UnFranchise owners. With our business we like to say “Your in business for yourself, but not by yourself”.
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New Lead Generation Sites

Market America New Lead Generation Sites

Market America announces it’s new Lead Generation sites. Now everyone can have their own recruiting tool to attract more business and drive traffic. Now you can promote your own Unfranchise business and be able to provide information on Market America along with videos and pictures. You can easily add your own MA widgets to the website and direct people to it from your blog. This is a great tool that your entire team will benefit from.

If you’re a Market America distributor, you will love these lead generation websites. This was the missing link in our Market America business. Our web portal is awesome, however we had nowhere to send our prospects or anyone that was interested in our business. With our new lead generation websites we now have our very own cyber recruiting office that works for us 24 hours a day showing our business plan and answering any questions people may have. Market America does it again. It goes to show you, when your partner with a great company success is much easier to achieve.

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Market America Reviews

Market America Reviews

THE FUTURE OF ONLINE BUSINESS – If you are reading this, than you’re probably looking to get more information on Market America and whether or not it’s a legitimate company or not. The truth is very simple, “You cannot be a multi billion dollar company and be a scam at the same time!!” The Internet is great place to find information but it can also be the place to find the WRONG INFORMATION as well. 180,000 proud distributors cannot be wrong. My advice to you is to do your research and find out for yourself. No matter what company you decide to partner with, you need to have the facts.

Market America — An Overview
Market America ( is one of the largest online retailers for consumers worldwide, featuring exclusive products and services (Market America brands) along with offering more than 3,500 of the top Internet retailers. Together, Market America offers over 35 million products and services. Our proprietary business model combines the power and scope of the Internet with the personalization of One-to-One Marketing to sell products and services. utilizes comparison shopping, customer reviews, live chat assistance, and a state-of-the-art search engine powered by Microsoft®.

Market America is your best choice when it comes to having an online business. There are literally thousands of online businesses and MLM companies out there claiming that you can become successful, but statistics show that it’s virtually impossible for the average person to be successful. The Market America business system is designed for the average person in mind. The Market America Unfranchise business system is based on data that’s been complied for over 30 years. In all multi level marketing systems, everybody looses. With Market America’s vertical marketing system everybody wins. It’s a Win-Win marketing system…

Market America – Build the infrastructure once and it pays you the rest of your LIFE!!

In today’s economy it tuff to make ends meet and even harder to find a job or other ways to make extra money. This is probably why we are seeing more and more people looking for alternative ways to make money and a lot of people are turning to the Internet. It doesn’t matter what you do to make more money, but if you want to be successful you need a LEVERAGE system of some type.

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How Business Must Adapt to Social Media

How Business Must Adapt to Social Media – You HAVE to watch this video! I would say that everyone who wants to consider their own business should watch this 10-minute clip.
 How Business Must Adapt to Social Media – Gary Vaynerchuk
I am always talking about why everyone should be implementing social media in business, and I wanted to share this video with you that my friend Nova shared with me.  I have been fortunate enough to have found an unbelievable company to work with and it’s setting me up to secure my financial freedom. I am learning how to leverage my time and I am learning how to create a residual income. The best part about my Market America business is that it allows me to teach you how create an online business while working from home. We are all given this vehicle to take us through this journey but it’s up to the individual which road they take.
This video you are about to watch will shed some light on social media and what it can do for you and your business. Please do not be offended by his language, but see his passionate, timely message and right intention. I think his message is so applicable to our business…in fact, we are in the perfect position, more than most businesses, to ride the wave of social media. Anyway, enjoy.
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Market America’s acquisition of

The news is finally out Market America’s acquisition of


Now is the best time to get onboard with Market America and become a distributor today. Market America currently has about 35 million products and now with the new purchase of Market America will be over 75 million products. That’s six times the size of Amazon and I don’t know about you, but have you ever tried to contact anyone at Amazon, you can’t!! By becoming a Market America distributor customer will be able to contact us by phone or email. That’s just one things that Amazon cannot offer their customers and the list goes on. Below is just a few points why this is BIG NEWS of the recent  acquisition of by Market America. This will revolutionize the shopping experience as we know it today.

* Best comparison shopping
* 2-5 times more traffic and visitors than Market America
* Basically they were squeezed by Google. MA will get the company and all their customers
* This is going to be BIG for IBV (our commission checks)
* This will BLOW UP the Cashback and Paid To Shop
* SEO and SEM experts. We will have 2-5 times more traffic
* This will cause an avalanche of customers
* Will make a major wave in the ECommerce shopping industry

You have to become the change you want to see. If you want to be better than the way you are, then you have to change what you are doing.

Success is not a destination it’s a JOURNEY!!

Advertising Your Website

Naturally advertising your web portal can be achieved by spending a lot of money and opening up a Goggle Adwords account or advertising with other search engines to send traffic to your website. A word of caution, be careful with this approach because you could loose your shirt if you’re not sure what you are doing. I would like to share with you some other ways of adverting your website which really doesn’t cost much at all, but can produce great traffic to your website and also creates branding and let’s people know who you are.

I recommend the following to get more traffic and advertise your website
    * Create a blog
    * Create a Facebook profile
    * Create a Facebook page to link to your website
    * Business cards, stationary and Holiday cards with your website
    * Personal labels on the products with your website
    * Personal labels on the back of brochures with your website
    * Add an email signature with your website or Facebook page to you email
    * Voice mail and answering machine. A must have for any business.

***It’s all about the Internet***

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